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I bought a EVGA 790i motherboard along with two 9800 GTX's in SLI with the intention of stepping up to the next cards and now that they're here I need a little help in deciding how to go about the step up. I've read the reviews, the gains suck compared to the gx2, at least right now. But I don't really care, it'll get better, and the idea of two gpus on a single card doesn't seem as smart of an idea in terms of drivers and software support.

Here the options I've thought about and theit approximate pricing (I have a 1000W psu):

- 3 260's (~$700)
- 2 280's (~$700)
- 2 gx2's (~$600)

It's early and I know the prices will come down in the next week or so, especially for the gx2, but let me know what you guys think. I read somewhere that 3 280's were only marginally better than 2 gx2's, but that's with immature drivers. There's about 90 days left on the step up.
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  1. 2 x 8800/9800GTXs or Ultras.

    Or even 2 x G92 GTS's.

    Edit: I forgot about the 9800GTX's you have... Might be worthwhile to stick with them for a while???
  2. what screen resolution do you want to play at?

    I really think 2 9800gx2 or 3 260s (with driver tweaking) would outperform gtx280 SLI at 1900*1200 and 1600*1200, but I don't think anything would beat SLI-ed gtx280 at 2560*1600 save the second coming of christ

    I'm leaning towards gtx260 SLI as I run a 22" display 1680*1050 native resolution, so going higher is just throwing money out the window and not making any real performance gains for me.

    Anyways dude it'll depend on what resolution you prefer I think
  3. I think you'd be best keeping what you have or getting 2 GTX 280's, your psu can't handle 3sli GTX 260's so your only option is really 2 280's or 2 260's. Stay way from the 2 GX2 because 2 GTX 280's easily outperforms them.
  4. Yeah, I was afraid of the 3 260 psu issues, but I thought I was almost set with that. I think I'm leaning towards the 2 280's now.

    But for the record, I'll be running at 1920x1200.
  5. New 200 series is good for sli. The have enough memory for real high resolutions! Better than old Nvidia cards, because their meromy limitations.
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