Loud speaker static/interference.

Hey everyone, couple times a day when i have no music or anything playing i will have a loud static crack/pop come over my speakers that last about 2-3 seconds. I have updated my sound card drivers(soundblaster xtreme music) and still nothing. It will even do it through my headphones that are plugged into my jack on the front of the case so i dont think its my sound card. Any ideas? Thanks.
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  1. It sounds like there's some kind of electrical surge coming through the audio circuit of your computer. I've never had this problem, so I don't really know what might be causing it. The way you describe things, your sound card seems an unlikely source of the problem.

    I wish I could be more helpful with this.
  2. I am having the same issue. I have tried a new sound card, new speakers, front audio input, they all make the static popping sound. Please help.
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