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I was giving thought to buying the Thermaltake Swordm because I wanted an extremely large full-tower case that looked cool and featured hydraulics. However are there any other cases that are as grand and flamboyant out there for someone like me? I like the cases for the Asus Predator, new Voodoo Omen and HP Blackbird but I don't wanna buy an OEM rig just to get a cool case, also I don't really have time for case mods.
Thank you.
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  1. Thats a very costy case IMO, take a look at THERMATAKE ARMOR, its a very good case(i have it) its big and has is very cool.
  2. If you really want to spend the money and get a really cool (figurativly and literally) check out the Zalman cases. They do cost some money though, but they are VERY COOL.
  3. I found my Thermaltake Armor deffinetly better then my dads Zalman ZM-FC-ZE1 Fatality Champion edition.

    The funny thing is, my gf wondered what it was, cause it didn't looked like a normal pc case, when I showed her the side she knew it was a pc ;)

    The Armor case will suffice your needs, It's got lot of space and driving bays are easy to mount. Also it won't cost you an arm, neither a leg. I have a Tuniq Tower CPU cooler and it fits very nice, and still have enough room to use. It also has a good airflow 2x 120mm and 2x90mm fans, and it isn't loud.
  4. Cyber, its a nice case. If your rig has absolutely everything else that you'd need/want and you've got the $$ I say go for it and enjoy having something that not everyone else does.
    NewEgg seems to have the H20 cooling version and the air-cooled version for the same price?? ...$500.

    I do hope you're not gonna throw an economy $100 mobo in a high-end case like that though.
  5. Thanks halcyon I really appreciate the encouragement! And no i don't plan on throwing just any old mobo in there, probably a Tylersburg when it comes out at the end of the year, in the meantime i'll just house my current rig in there until I decide it's the right time to upgrade.
  6. Sweet. I especially like the hydraulics. Wish I had that kind of disposable $$...I'd consider getting one for myself.
  7. the case with liquid cooling system is only $389 so i say go for it. It's even cheaper than the air cooling case.
  8. TBH, if I didn't have a Lian-Li PC-A70 already I'd probably end up with one. It's sharp and definitely different..and it doesn't scream "Cheap!". I'm sure it cools just fine.
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