CUDA & DX. 10.1

so when will you guys think the cuda / DX 10.1 being mature & used?
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  1. For what specifically, both are already used for select apps.
  2. CUDA is mature now, it's being used and going to be released to mainstream very soon.If Nvidia won't support DX10.1 very soon, even GTX 280 doesn't support it and without Nvidia's support, no game developer is going to implement it. Assassins Creed removed it due to weak support. It's better to introduce it when both companies are on board.

    When do you think?
  3. It's better to implement it where there's a benefit to it.
    Waiting for nV is stupid, and only makes sense from a marketing perspective when you don't want to offend the guy giving you handouts.
  4. What do you mean Assassins Creed "removed" it? Did they put out a patch to do this? I'm about to buy the game just to give 10.1 a whirl (and because it looks like it could be fun) but if that's true I might reconsider.
  5. The game ships with 10.1 but new patches remove it, so ATI users probably shouldn't get the game since the 10.1 AA performance increase is gone once you patch the game.
  6. Technology can only move so fast.
  7. pcgamer12 said:
    Technology can only move so fast.

    How's that?

    Sounds like an excuse for something, but I don't know what you're refering to that would apply really since both are already being implemented, so obviously technology isn't moving too fast for CUDA or DX10.1.
  8. This is what progress looks like DX10.1 is very useful indeed
  9. Can they even mix DX with CUDA? DX has always required exclusive control of the GPU. Trying to run a CUDA program on the GPU and then do the DX rendering each frame will cause conflicts, no? DX needs to keep track of what resources are already loaded to the GPU.

    Besides, I thought the benefit of CUDA was to run lengthy algorithms that take longer on the CPU. It is also limited by the GPU instruction set, which does not include trig functions, nor the floating point precision of CPUs.
  10. I think I'll get it and just not patch it. Stupid NVidia. Oh well, I'll enjoy my $175 4850 and they can just continue being obnoxious.
  11. JAYDEEJOHN said:
    This is what progress looks like DX10.1 is very useful indeed

    The fact that the 2900xt, a DX10 card, is faster than the 8800gtx and 9800gts tells me that, while 10.1 might be beneficial, the general Radeon architecture seems to be a better fit for Assassins Creed.
  12. That archetecture was created with DX10 in mind, but M$ changed it because nVidia already had its cards out, the 8800GTX/GTS. Those cards, and every nVidia card made since then isnt capable of the DX10 (now DX10.1) implementation of AA thru their hardware, thats why AC pulled the DX10.1 and went backwards to just plain old DX10, which gave nVidia an advantage in that game. A game in which youll find on it, The Way its meant to be played (damn progress, full retreat ahead)
  13. + can the next gen. card upgrade via gpu replace only?
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