first build problems...

This is my first build...
ATX Ultra case
EVGA 650i Ultra mobo
Q6600 processor
4 x 1024 OCZ pc6400
BGF 650w psu
Seagate 250 w/sata
Sony dvd
HSI ATI 3680

I had everything installed but when I press the power button the cpu fan spins around about twice then stops. The orange/yellow led comes on and the green one blinks. There are no beeps but that doesn't mean I don't have that connected properly.

Any help is appreciated.


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  1. Assuming cpu is in socket correctly... I would (with MB manual in hand) recheck all my connections. I have built 3 systems and never had a problem with installing MB Driver then Windows until my last build. I didn't read the MB manual carefully enough and follow the very exstensive MB/Bios setup instructions correctly. Windows installed but almost emmediately began failing. I ended up having to take my new system to Best Buy to have them sort it out. Very embarrassing. Months later I was updating my MB driver and actually read that portion of the manual that involved MB/BIOS setup. Felt pretty stupid... Good luck
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