Noob help: recommend an aftermarket cooling option for Radeon 4850

So the Radeon 4850 is all kinds of awesome, I already ordered one but I am concerned about the high temps it runs in (the only con on the card right now). What are some options to make it run cooler?

FYI: From what I've read, the cards screw holes are the same as the 3870 so if it worked on that card it will work on this one, but I don't know a lot about aftermarket coolers for GPUs to put it nicely. My mobo is the Gigabyte 780g micro-atx, my case is mid tower however, currently only has the 120mm fan that came with the Rosewill case.

Help a noob trying to get into PC gaming.
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  1. Umm, well id say double check to make sure it is the same as a 3870, then look at maybe an AC fan or similar

    you probably want something that blows plenty of air and hopefully something that blows air out of the case.

    they dont blow out of the case but should give a very good cooling performance.
  2. I'm going to make my own. I bought a PCI slot fan that expels air out the back. I'll attach that to the exhaust of the card with some plastic and hopefully I'll be set. My card won't be here until Monday, though, so I won't know if it helps until then.
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