Any1 recommend a 15000rpm drive

i use 10000rpm raptor drives at the mo but ive been out of touch with the new stuff on the markets, i only need up to 300 gb max
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  1. well SSD is the new thing.. it provides performance harddrives can only dream off.

    They are expensive at the moment. Personally i have the raptor 10k for my main windows drive.

    however i have ordered 2x 80 SSD drives from intel. I will use these in a raid setup for any hard drive intensive application. So its only going to be 160gb thats gonna cost me nearly 450usd expensive.
  2. yea this ssd looks good i may get me 1, now to shop around
  3. second the SSD and im thinking the same - 2xIntel SSD's in RAID0 :D
  4. Been there, done that (2x15k RAID0), found they were totally unoptimised for desktop usage patterns. Just one of the many stupid things I did during my teenage year.
    The one and only 10k drive I found that is optimised for desktop usage is VelociRaptor. The previous two generations of Raptor had hardware & firmware derived from WD's SCSI line instead.

    Four Savvio 15ks in RAID0 might hold up against a single Indilinx/Intel SSD with up to three simultaneous disk usage. Once you go beyond that then any 15k drives will crumple to their knee. That's the weakness of HDD and the potential to be exploited by SSD users.

    On the $/GB side of things, it is possible to find OCZ Agility 60GB (Indilinx) at close to $2.1/GB via sites like Slickdeals occasionally. IMO $2/GB is when the value of SSD becomes significantly greater than VelocityRaptor for desktop usage (when harshly utilised).
    Most are still currently between $2.8-$3/GB.
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