can my ddr2 ram cause my video driver to crash

hey lately i was experiencing alot of crashed due to video drivers with windows vista service pack 1 but as soon as i went from 4gig to 2 gig it stopped. 1 stick of 2gig causes crashes while the other doesnt. but could memory actually cause a video driver error is my question.

phenom 9600
k9a2 platinum
transcend ddr2 800mhz
thermaltake 650w psu
asus 8800gt

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  1. I'm thinking something like that is happening to me as well... but I don't actually know anything... i'll be following this thread closely
  2. Are you saying one stick crashes? but the other does not?

    If so it looks like one bad stick. If any one stick works and 2 do not, then send a report to Nvidia's Vista team.

    In the mean time please try some non supported(modded GTX 2XX) drivers.

    I am sending this link because Nvidia's Vista drivers while great with the latest games seems to not be much good on older games(Games crash, corrupted graphics, black screens and even hard locks) as well as many in development games and free mmo's out there. When i had some problems i assumed vista then decided to try my old X1900XT. Not a single program did not work(sure its a slow card, but it works right).

    Oddly enough Quake 1 ran poorly(slow downs picking up items) with my 8800GTX on vista(i assumed vista 64 issues), but when i slapped in the X1900XT it worked just like XP as did all my other games.

    The driver above has made all games work without crashing/performance issues, Quake 1(winquake) works not, but will not go over 800 x 600 rez, but its quake 1, i played it at 320 x 240 when it came out anyway.

    Let me know if this helps.
  3. Sounds like a problem with the DIMM. If so, it's likely causing other problems in your system, perhaps including file corruption. Run memtest86+ through at least two complete passes for a basic test of the RAM, then try running Orthos (or similar PRIME95-based stress testing program) in "blend" mode for at least an hour or two. If both pass, then your RAM is probably OK.
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