Pins Reversed on MB?

Hi all. Newb here with a question...

So I've gotten a new XFX nForce 780i SLI MB, and a Thermaltake Purepower 500W PSU. The MB has an 8-pin connector for CPU power, and the PSU has only the 4-pin P4 connector. I've read enough posts to figure that using the 4-pin connector should be OK as long as I plug it in in the proper direction. And that's where my question lies....

The pins on the MB indicate 1-4 are ground, and 5-8 are +12v. But the only way my P4 connector fits is if yellow & black (pins 3-4) on the PSU connector line up with black (pins 3-4) on the MB connector (pins 1-2 connect to 7-8). I've looked at 4-pin-to-8-pin adapters and they, too, would connect to my MB only if yellow plugs into black. Is this right? I don't want to short the MB out. I'm no electrician but I thought the whole point of colored wires was to connect the ones that match.

I appreciate any help.
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  1. You cant plug it in wrong unless you force it in. They are keyed to fit one way.
  2. no the point is not to match, so much as would you tell wich wires were which on a ps or something else if they were all the same color.

    Different colors on ps are for ppl that make them and read spec sheets...keyed connectors are for you ! Plug it in the way it fits. :)
  3. What are the components in your system? eg.CPU, ram, video card(s)...etc.
    The reviews on this power supply really suck! It has on 14/15amps on each 12 volt rail...also seen a few reviews from customers that had them fail after a couple months on a low end computer....
    If I were you I would send back that supply and get a decent supply say pc pwer and cooling, enermax. Alot of the high end supplies have the 8 pin connector plus 50amps available on the 12 volt rails.
    hope this helps.
    Here's one for around the same money but lots better
  4. The Manual is printed wrong......just plug it in like the prong want too.....Mine was the same way
  5. Thanks for the responses. It's funny about the bad reviews -- I had seen some for a few other products which is what led me to Thermaltake! I'm going to try my luck with it since I'll probably need another one when I add a second video card anyway.

    I figured the connector should work the way it fits but the manual is what scared me. Nice to have a litte piece of mind going forward.

    Thanks again!
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