External HDD or 3.5 in a case

I want to get myself some external storage since I got tired of my millions DVDs spread all over my desk. I don't know very well what are my options, two comes to mind :
Either get a proper external HDD or get a 3.5 HDD external case and swap the HDD in that case.

The second option would be better IMO (it comes cheaper if I get more than one HDD), I wanted to know if there are any downside to a hdd case instead of a real external HDD.

That storage don't have to be connected 24/24, I won't be moving it all that much, it will most likely stand next to my DVDs stacks and I'll connect it only when I want to backup something, alimentation doesn't matter either (USB with/without power cord). However I need at least 1TB/drive.

If you have any suggestions (whatever solution or particular hdd/etc) feel free to propose!

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    If you back up stuff everyday, I'd install the back-up hard disk into the computer itself. If you do it semi-regularly, like bimonthly or something, then get an external hard drive.
  2. I'd install it if possible like r_manic suggest. Huge backups and really bog down through USB. In my personal experience it often fails. Otherwise if you have esata use that.

    Mybe something like this. Fantom Drive
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