Tom's has so little graphics cards in there charts? why?

Why no 8800gts? very popular card and its not on there gpu chart.

Any1 else notice this?
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  1. Because charts take alot of time to make, and are generally not as popular as reviews because they are just results.

    The charts are there just for a general Guide line, you look at the card that does the best and then you go read a review about it and see if the numbers are justified.

    Check out the charts are

    Tom's Charts should be updated soon, its been more than 6 for sure from what I know:) they atleast update it once a year I think I can say that much
  2. Thank you L1qu1d for telling me about ill check that out.
  3. No problem enjoy here is a direct link incase you can't find it...its in small font:)
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