MD Simple Burner won't read cds... XP SP3 to blame?

Hi all. I am quite old fashioned and still very fond of my Minidisc devices. I had forgotten about them for a few weeks and now that I tried to fire them up, Simple Burner won't read CDs.

It detects them, tags them via CDDB but won't transfer the content to the MD drive.

I have tried the following, without success:

-uninstall/clean reinstall of SonicStage / Simple Burner software
-double checking that the Temp folder for Simple Burner has read-write privileges
-Switched between SATA and IDE cd drives
-Mounted CD image via Nero Imgdrive

I have found several forums where this subject is mentioned, but they reach nowhere.

Hopefully someone in this forum is as old fashioned as me, and came across this problem and solved it.

Fingers crossed.

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  1. I wouldn't call Minidiscs "old fashioned"... as I'm pretty sure CD is an even older format. The problem is minidisc didn't catch on... so very few people own the hardware as compared to CD / DVD. What error message(s) are you getting when trying to write to the minidisc?
  2. Hi Zoron.

    The error msg I get is "CD drive check has failed". I cannot play CDs there either, not that I do constantly but it's worth mentioning. It seems there is no communication between the CD drive and the Minidisc drive.

    When I fire up Simple Burner, the CD gets tagged via CDDB, but whenever I try to copy it to the MD unit vía the REC button, seems like the program doesn't even try, blinks and shows the error. CD Drive check, within CONFIG, also fails with the same error.

    Two thing I love from MD that MP3 have never managed to come close to are the gapless feature (great for concerts) and the superior ATRAC codec (superior to MP3 at least).
  3. Yes, it is worth mentioning, as you could have a faulty CD drive... in which case what you want to do won't work. Another thing you can do is Google "upper and lower filters" and check those entries in your registry.
  4. I'll check about the filters in the registry, Zoron.

    Don't think is a faulty drive though, cause one is brand new (SATA) and the other is my old reliable IDE and both work in every other program I use (Media Player Classic, VLC, Windows Media, Winamp).

    Thanx again.
  5. Upper and lower filters are ok in my system. The problem persists. :(
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