which of these set ups would be better for online gaming?

i play a lot of online games and i would really like to play them in high settings but i dont really play a lot of high end games like COD4 or cysis. ill also be using this for shoolwork, browsing, and videos

also, will i have any problems bottlenecking in either setup?

AMD x2 4800+ (2.4Ghz/2x1024L2 Cache/Windsor/90nm)
Asrock Alive NF7G-Full-HD720P G705
Kingston 2GB DDR2 800


Core 2 Duo E4600 (2.4Ghz/2mb L2 Cache/Allendale/65nm)
Asrock Wolfdale1333-D667
Kingston/Corsair 2GB 667

this are the parts i have already picked

160gb Seagate Barracuda SATA
LG 20x GH20LS Black SATA Lightscribe
CoolerMaster EX 460w
Inno3D 8600GT 256DDR3 128bit
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  1. im not sure any of your picks will make a good gaming rig lets try this.
    How much are you willing to spend? Then let the informed Tommies
    put you on a better path.
  2. im actually just visiting the forums for some advice. i dont live in the usa so if i put a budget it will be more expensive if i convert it to philippine peso
  3. What size monitor are you using and are you planning on upgrading? The bigger moniter = better video card.

    If you plan on playing Age of Conan or Lotro, with a 17/19 inch monitor, you should have a 8800gt or around there to play at best graphics. The 8800gt can go up to 22 Inch monitor but you will have to turn down a couple of settings.
  4. first of all if you wanna do anykind of gaming, get rid of the 8600 nvidia. this card is worthless. ur better off getting somthing from 8800 series, or at least get 3650 ati card. 3850 i think would be best for your use.
  5. ill be using a 17" CRT

    oh and about the video im planning to upgarde it to a better one once i save up some $$$ during summer
  6. In which case I advise you to get whichever one is cheaper. That way you'll have more money in the summer to get a real card.

    The 3650 isn't much better then the 8600GT. The cards are more or less equals. Seeing as he already has the 8600GT, he'd need to move to the 3850/4850, or the 8800GS/9600GT to see improvement.
  7. wow 100 views and just 3 votes :(
  8. The reason not so many votes is we cannot in good faith recommend either of the setups you have posted.
    The Intel Core Duo is the best route to start with, but if you plan on gaming you should be looking at better memory, better motherboard, better graphic card....see where this going?
    That is why someone asked you to post your budget, monitor, and games you will be playing and we will start over from scratch.

    If this is indeed the 2 choices your limited to for whatever reasons, definetly start with the Intel rig.
  9. let me quote my self again from my previous post:

    im actually just visiting the forums for some advice. i dont live in the usa so if i put a budget it will be more expensive if i convert it to philippine peso

    so im am just limited to these 2 choices
  10. more suggestions would be welcome
  11. I guess intel, but is there anyway you can get the ddr800 instead of 667 for the intel? If this is your budget then stick with intel, however, if you do have more to spare we could definately pick some better components then what you have listed. I wouldn't expect to play any online game at high settings unless it is pong or something like that lol.
  12. I don't see how more suggestions are needed. If you like to do higher res gaming, then you need something better then the 8600GT. To get that, spend a little money on either of these, and save up for a better gaming video card. I said that already, how many times do you need to hear it? Get whichever of these is cheapest. Get a 9600GT, 8800GS/GT/GTS, 3850, 3870, 4850, etc. Good gaming machines have good video cards. The 8600GT is a midrange card at best.
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