OS on separate HD for better performance?

Hi all,

I'm building a gaming rig around my core i5 (ASUS P7P55D mobo).

My question is, is it better to have 2 HD, one for OS (and some minor data), the other for games and data?

I've heard that in this config, performance is better as 2 HD can be read simluataneously. (Since playing games requires the computer to access files such as .dll at the OS, and access games files at the same time.

I'm a techie noob so feel free to correct me. I'm very interested to know how exactly it works! :)
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  1. with raid 0 speed is increased, if a normal hdd is used for each function, it wont make a difference, most people doing this tend to put the os on a ssd
  2. If you have 2 disks now, you can test out and difference by installing on one then the other.

    I think having games on a different disk will be a bit faster. Not like raid 0 though...
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