What did I do wrong?

I just bought and put together for the most part a new computer. New mid tower, psu, motherboard, cpu, and a pair of EVGA's 8800gt's. I salvaged my ram, cd-roms, and harddrive from a Dell 9100, and installed a new 32-bit copy of Vista. Everything is running fine until I run World of Warcraft with settings maxed (60Hz refresh rate tho)

At first it's just a few hiccups, but within a few minutes of trying to adjust the settings back, which freezes the game before I can get to them, my computer crashes. After restart windows says the 8800gt driver was the cause. So I downloaded new driverd for both my video cards and my mother board and nothing changes what so ever.

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Here is my system:

32-bit Vista
(2) EVGA 8800GT 512mb in sli
Core2 Quad Q6700 2.66GHz
(2) 512mb ram 533mhz
(2) 1 gig ram 533mhz
800w psu
EVGA 720i sli motherboard

Is my memory too slow for max settings on WoW or have done something else wrong? I thought that with what I have it wouldn't be a problem. I haven't changed any of the settings for the video cards and nothing is overclocked in my computer. Anyhow I got all this hardware to be able to run Age of Conan, but if I'm havin trouble with WoW...

Please help, I only know enough to get myself in trouble... as you can see
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  1. try disabling sli.
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