More 9800gtx issues Plz help!!!!!!

Ok so i got a brand new 9800gtx from Bfg today the OCX model. I installed it in my pc with the supplied drivers. It worked fine in call of duty 2 but then I went to play call of duty 4 and it froze. The only way to get out was hard reboot or sometimes task manager worked. It was weird because it worked for 3dmark06 and Medal of Honor Airborne also but not cod4. Then the next day I reformatted my hard disk and reinstalled windows xp 32 bit. Everything seemed fine i installed cod2 and it worked but then I went to install Medal of Honor and when it goes to load the cd my pc just shuts off and reboots, sometimes it goes to a BSOD and quickly shuts off. Since then I tried every driver for the card under the sun and I used driver cleaner pro to make sure I got rid of them all. DO you think its the hardware that is going bad, I have a lifetime warranty so I can RMA it. Or is it a driver issue cuz i noticed a lot of people have similar issues. Any suggestions would help. Thanks My pc specs are below:
CPU: Q6600 @3ghz
GPU:BFG 9800gtx OCX
PSU: 750 watt PCP&C Quad Silencer
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  1. So now i uninstalled my drivers for the 9800gtx and put my old card back in and 8600gt. For some weird reason I have the same problem with Medal of Honor when I put the CD in it just shuts off my pc. I have no idea whats goin on. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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