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I'm running Vista 64b on the (new) desktop - new build, new vista etc. We also have a Vista 32b Laptop. Problem is, the desktop can see/read/write whatever to the laptop but whenever the laptop tries to get onto the desktop (file sharing etc) it asks for a password. Now, Vista NEVER asked for a password when I installed it. I've searched everywhere to find what the default 'password' would be. I have also tried turning off "Password protected sharing" in the Network area but it stays on. Wtf I ask.
I can't turn off the password, I don't know what the password is... I think I have found a reg. tweak around it but come on...
What is going on here?
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  1. If the PC came with Vista pre-installed you may not have the admin password, but if you have admin right you can create a new user (for which you will know the password).
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