Damage external hard drive recovery

My External HDD fell down and now do not read, can you please advise how do I recover data myself.


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  1. Be more descriptive! What steps have you taken so far to try and recover the data?
  2. hi i have a verbatim 3.0 superspeed usb 3.0 1 TB. I also dropped it. When i plug it into the computer, the auto play runs but then nothing happens. The light on the front just keeps blinking. On My computer it shows as Local Disk:F. It usually says Verbatim F:. I opened it up and it says: Disk in Drive F is not Formatted. Do you want to formatted now? I know that if i reformat it i will lose all the data. What can i do to fix this problem? Is there a way to Retieve the data without going to a dat recovery company?

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