How to properly uninstall old graphics card drivers?

Hey, I have a Nvidia Geforce GTX 260M graphics card that is on version 257.38. I want to update to the 310.70 driver and I'm wondering how to properly uninstall the old driver. When I look in add/remove program it shows four Nvidia things. Nvidia display control panel, Nvidia drivers, Nvidia forceware network access manager, and Nvidia Physx. I'm pretty sure I need to only unistall the nvidia drivers part but when I click uninstall it says select one of the following options to remove nvidia components from your system: remove all nvidia drivers including display or remove all nvidia drivers except display. I only want to update my graphics driver so what option do I choose?
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    Don't choose any option. When you are merely updating a driver for the same graphics adapter you just install the new driver and it will overwrite the old one.

    You only need to uninstall existing graphics driver when you are installing a different graphics adapter, or if you want to "downgrade" to an older driver version.
  2. yOU CAN UNINSTALL from, the device manager but just overwrite like phil said
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