Just installed Windows Vista and cant connect to the internet. Help Plz!?

Okay so i just installed Windows Vista to my computer and it went great, no problems. But now its i cant connect to the internet. Everytime i type in my web key to connect to the internet its says "WIndows cannot connect to 2WIRE" Thats it, theres no reason why its not letting me connect to the web. Btw before i installed Windows Vista, i had Windows XP professional. I also tried and repairing it but this is what comes up "Windows tried a repair but a problem still exists". Thanks in advance.
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  1. "there's no reason why its not letting me connect to the web"

    There's always a reason, you just haven't found it yet.

    Try changing your router's wireless channel in it's configuration utility in any web browser, using a wired connection.

    Make sure your wireless-enabled PC or laptop is within the wireless range of the router.
  2. Does the computer have a Ethernet Driver? If it doesn't download Gigabit Ethernet Driver
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