PS/2 keyboard stops working

I have an HP desktop. Within the past couple of months, if the computer is on but with no activity (I walk away and don't use it for several hours) the PS/2 keyboard will stop working. Unplugging doesn't help. I have to restart the computer to get it working again. I have reinstalled the driver. I have changed the keyboard as well to another PS/2. I don't want to get another keyboard (USB or wireless). The computer also says the keyboard is working properly. NOTE: the mouse is unaffected. Thanks!
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  1. you need to shut off the standby, sleep hibernate
  2. I shutoff the hibernate. It didn't work. Haven't had a chance to look all over the computer. I'll keep looking elsewhere in case I missed something.

  3. Update - It works now! I haven't had to reboot since. Thanks for the info!
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