Good hard drive configuration for GAMING computer

Hi all, I'm looking for a good configuration for my new gaming computer being built around core i5.

So far i've boiled it down to:

1)Need about 1TB
2)Raptor and SSD still too expensive for my 1TB needs
3)Looking to spend around US$130 or less
4)leaning more to performance rather than having a backup system (nothing so impt i'd cry if i lose)

I've been looking at Western Digital's Caviar Black and Seagate's Barracuda.
Either a single 1TB or 2 x 500GB (RAID 0) - (does RAID 0 really improve performance SIGNIFICANTLY in games? Cuz a 1TB standalone Hard drive is cheaper...)

I would still like OS and games to be on different partitions (are partitions possible with RAID 0?)
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  1. Raid 0 is definitely faster when it comes to starting up windows and initial program execution, but when it comes to gaming I find the advantages to be less noticeable.
    Once the game is loaded into RAM, the HDD's time to shine is pretty much over, save for loading screens or games with poor HDD management.

    You can partition Raid 0 configurations.
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    RAID 0 will be faster for loading times. If You are not afraid of loosing anything might as well go for RAID 0. You can create partitions on RAID and You can also create RAID using only part of each disk and use the rest as individual drives or create another RAID( I suppose this could differ on one m/b from other). You might want to look at WD 640 GB drives as they are a bit faster due to higher platter density. And get the one with 32MB cache and 7200rpm.
    2 of these would be a good choice but they are a bit over Your budget. 500Gb will do as well without much difference @ Your budget.
  3. Try 2 of these drives in raid 0. They have the highest platter density in the market with 500GB versus 320GB on the WD Blacks.
  4. The Samsung one is certainly more affordable, but its 16MB cache only (as opposed to WD caviar black).
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