AMD Deneb sample Cpu - SuperPi benchmark

Hello guys,

For those who are waiting for the AMD's new 45nm Phenom X4 (Code name Deneb) - Here's are the SuperPi results with an ES Cpu:

And here are those from Intel Nehalem ES Cpu to compare with:

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  1. Intel has always flattened AMD in SuperPi though - it loves cache.
  2. Great ... and if you look at the threads currently up here you will see one Yomamafor1 has which already shows these from another site.
  3. There was another thread with a 2.66GHz Nehalem that did SuperPi @ 14.7 seconds.

    I want real world benchmarks though cuz this data isn't enough to make a good judgement off of. But I still don't expect anything super from Deneb, maybe just a bump to help it catch up to Conroe maybe Penryn.
  4. OH SWEET another one of these threads.
    OH WAIT, this looks familiar, I used this in the other thread.
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