XPS 730 - QX 9770 - Unable to get 3.8 ghz speed

XPS 730 – Extreme Processor
QX9770 Proc – 3.2 ghz (Factory Shipped) INTEL CORE 2 EXTREME PROCESSOR
MEMORY: 4096 (4 X 1GB) 1333 MHZ DDR3
Windows Vista Home Premium Sp1 (English)

System has ESA Chip but due to Ati Radeon Nvidia Performance Utility is not accessible ..

when the sys proc speed is increased beyond 3.2 ghz – it freezes and shuts down
I believe it is due to limited Chipset voltage ..

Can u suggest two things :

What is the maximum overclockable speed on QX9770 processor
What is the calculation we need to set for chipset voltage in order to achieve 3.8 ghz
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  1. I had a QX9650, which is cut from the same silicon as your chip. I needed 1.35v to make 4Ghz. I think i needed to keep the FSB at 333Mhz to do it though, 400Mhz fsb needed a bunch of other tweaks. So up your voltage a little bit, and change the multiplier up one tick and see what happens.
  2. thanks, will try and update..
  3. the native FSB of the QX9770 is 400MHz, the QX9650 is 333MHz. My QX9770 hit 3.6GHz on stock voltage (9x400). I had to up the voltage on the NB chip on my motherboard in order to have the ram settle in at 1600 (400 FSB). My guess is that you NB chipset and ram can't handle your overclock. what is your ram set to in your bios? this is a Dell machine? what motherboard do you have? you will probably only be able to overclock by upping the multiplyer...ie.., 9x400 etc. you won't be able to overclock the NB and RAM. Also some motherboards have problems with all dimms occupied (4x1 GB) and overclocking
  4. Yes Dell System with NVIDIA nForce® 790i Ultra SLI & QX9770 Proc – 3.2 ghz (Factory Shipped) INTEL CORE 2 EXTREME PROCESSOR / MEMORY: 4096 (4 X 1GB) 1333 MHZ DDR3 ..........
    RAM SET TO 800 mhz - Corsair Dominator - DDR3

    So do u suggest I lower the memory to 2gb and try increasing voltage & Qx values to one notch . so it can settle at 3.4 ghz ?
  5. it might be easier to set the multiplier to 9 and have 9x400 (3.6). you can change the fsb strap for odd multipliers in BIOS. (set strap to 5:6 for 333 to 400) so your cpu has a 400MHz fsb...your ram and motherboard is 333MHz fsb native. So it's probably blowing out your ram and motherboard's northbridge if you're trying to bump up the RAM to 1600MHz. Also 4 dimms are much harder to overclock than 2 dimms. If you want 4GB, try 2x2GB dimms of DDR3-1600. Usually you have colored ram slots...for my motherboard the blue slots are for faster 2 dimms. you can pull 2 out and try to overclock.

    Anyway, best way to overclock might be just to overclock the CPU and forget about overclocking the FSB. You'll have to leave the FSB at 333MHz or underclock to 200MHz (800 after the 4x memory multiplier) and deal with the overclock with the strap setting.
  6. Good Suggestion, will lower the RAM to 2gb leaving FSB at 333 MHZ , will then overclock the CPU to one notch up with increasing Voltage up a little bit.

    Sys in lab , undergoing these steps , will update..

    Thanks in advance :)
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