XPS 730 - Unable to Overclock to 3.8 ghz

XPS 730 – Extreme Processor
QX9770 Proc – 3.2 ghz (Factory Shipped) INTEL CORE 2 EXTREME PROCESSOR
MEMORY: 4096 (4 X 1GB) 1333 MHZ DDR3
Windows Vista Home Premium Sp1 (English)

System has ESA Chip but due to Ati Radeon Nvidia Performance Utility is not accessible ..

when the sys proc speed is increased beyond 3.2 ghz – it freezes and shuts down
I believe it is due to limited Chipset voltage ..

Can u suggest two things :

What is the maximum overclockable speed on QX9770 processor
What is the calculation we need to set for chipset voltage in order to achieve 3.8 ghz
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  1. Hopefully will try this , else look for a xchange ..

    I think i needed to keep the FSB at 333Mhz to do it though, 400Mhz fsb needed a bunch of other tweaks. I need to increase the voltage a little bit, and change the multiplier up one tick and see what happens.
  2. +1 for Zip. Seriously, you could have gotten a Q6600 (during those days) or if recently bought the Dell could have gotten a i7 920, which would pwn most if not alll C2D/C2Qs when OCed.
  3. Dued - You bought a DELL.

    Seriously. The Bios' on OEM machines is nearly always Locked. When you can't access the Bios, you can't changes settings to Overclock.
  4. the voltage needs to go up, as does the FSB most of the time and the multiplier on X chips
  5. now sys works with revised bios version at 3.8 ghz .. increased Fsb + Voltage.. all ok and cool :)
  6. ^How long on Prime95?
  7. still working gr8 - with 1.0.5 bios
    changed the CPU multiplier to 9.5X and got the CPU will run on 3.8G frequence

    To Add : make sure the CPU multiplier select 9 and CPU N/2 Ratio item set to enable, then reboot system again, we can see the CPU multiplier change to 9.5X
  8. kiran tj is asking for help on how to overclock his dell xps 730.... can people just address the issue and help the poor guy.. You guys who think that you can save a lot of money by building you own, gud for you.... but please dont be a know it all and being a smart as buy saying dell xps cant be overclock (which is absolutely wrong) just help the poor guy..... I hope you guys having fun pulling your hair because your newly built rig keep on freezing. thanks
  9. ^he's got it working.

    and Kiran, download Prime95 and run four instances of it for 12 hours, then you can see if it's stable.
  10. 12 hours? More like 24 to be sure.
  11. Thanks all for immense help I received in real time, now I have downloaded Prime 95 , observed for 1 full day 25 hrs rather :).. works like charm..

    Point to be noted : Make sure the CPU multiplier select 9 and CPU N/2 Ratio item set to enable, then reboot system again, we can see the CPU multiplier change to 9.5X...

    This thread can now be closed, gonna open a new one on HDMI :(
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