Physx On Geforce and Ageia Card

Hi Guys,
I have Ageia Physx card and i know Nvidia is coming out with physx drivers for geforce cards. MY question is what the games will use for physx the video card or ageia card? Thanks in Advance.
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  1. I believe that you can select which card handles it in the new physx menu. Pretty sure I've seen a screenshot of it somewhere. So yeah, having the Ageia card continue handling it will be best for you so that your graphics performance doesn't take a hit.
  2. There aren't that many, Cellfactor and a few other free games, Unreal Tournament 3 has a special map pack, and that last MoH game used a little bit of the physx capability but not much I don't think.

    I'll haft to give those a whirl when I update my 9800 with the drivers.
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