new build+a bunch of doubts

hey guys. i am planning to buy a new system and have narrowed down to the following
1.Core 2 Duo e8500or quad core q9300 or q9450
2.Asus P5N D motherboard
3.Dell SP2208WFP or E228WFP
4.Corsair TWIN2X4096-6400C5(2*2gb) dvd r/w
6.cooler master rc 690 case
7.CoolerMaster Real Power 550W
8.msi or xfx 8800gt
9.creative inspire 5.1t6060 speakers
10.creative sound blaster live 5.1 sound card
11.apc 650va ups keyboard and mouse vista home premium(32 or 64 bit)
I'll be playing some games watching movies and doing some animation as iam just about to enroll in a 1 year animation course
which processor would suit me?
also should i think about any coolers?
I will NOT be overclocking in any case....
also which monitor would suit me?
which brand should i choose for graphics card?
last is os should i choose 32 bit or 64 bit?
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  1. Really a shame you are not going to overclock. But if that is what you want that is how it is.

    1. Quad Q9300. animation benefits from 4 cores nicely
    4. Make sure the timings are 4-4-4-12 and consider 8GB for heavy work
    7. Corsair 550VX instead
    10. DELETE waste of money especially a terrible brand like Creative
    11. Why?
    13. 64-bit to use all 4GB

    Since we are not you, your monitor question is impossible to answer. Make sure your chosen monitor is NOT using a TN panel, bad for animation.
  2. I would look at the Samsung "touch of color" series monitors, I've had at least 5 lcd monitors in the past and this is simply awsome. The contrast ratio is better than my brand new tv!
  3. the thing is that i dont know how to overclock. Not about any timing or mulitpliers or fsb's r anything.... will overclocking reduce my computers life? i am looking forward to using this computer for another 3 to 4 years
    is manual adjustments needed in bios for overclocking?
    or is any softwares available for overclocking?
    so guess if i overclock i need to go in for extra coolers right?
    in case i overclock which all components coolers will i need? like cpu cooler, grafx crd cooler etc
  4. I've had a chance to see my first Dell SP2208WFP in action and I was very impressed. Excellents specs in contrast ratio, color. Very good choice.
    The USB ports on the monitor are a big plus in my opinion. Same for the HDMI port on the monitor for HD output or PS3 connection, etc.
    C/net Review - Editors Choice

    Skip the sound card and use the sound source from the motherboard. It's actually quite good.
    CoolerMaster Real Power 550W
    is not a very good choice for a PSU. shadowduck's suggested Corsair 550VX is a very good choice.
    I very much like your choice of an APC UPS and it's sized right for your system. Excellent choice.

    Can you find out from your animation course
    instructor or course materials what software you'll be using?
    Not all software can benefit from a quad core CPU. If that is the case - the faster cocked C2D E8500 would be the better choice.
    If you can't find out and since you're looking to use the computer for 4 years I'd go with the Q9300.
    You're more likely to find multi-core animation software in the years ahead.

    Don't worry about overclocking right away. Your new PC will be fast and powerful right out of the box. OC'ing will be there if you want to learn.
    It's actually not very hard at all & a medium overclock will not reduce your CPU's lifespan hardly
    at all (maybe 8 years instead of 10) and will give you the same performance as a $1000 CPU.
  5. Thanks for the reply guys
    i have some more doubts though

    1.I wont be going for an sli configuration. so is this motherboard actually needed as i wont probably overclock also. pcie 2.0 a big thing to note as compared to lower cost motherboards having only 1.0 considering the fact that my 8800gt is pcie2 compliant.

    3.i WONT be playing crysis or anything maybe games like age of empires , fifa type. so is 8800gt a gud choice considering 9600gt as an alternative?

    4.if i go for vista home premium 32bit will upgrade to 64bit cost a lot?i live in india should i go in for q9300 or q9450? will the double cache and .16ghz xtra speed make any difference?

    6. I do watch movies a lot. but i dont find any use for a webcam. so is my choice of monitor right?also the usb ports are located at the top ofmy new case. so i dnt find the usbports in the monitor too useful also.
  6. 1. No SLI? Then you dont need a 750i SLI motherboard. P35 will do.
    2. Not a big thing.
    3. Let prices be your guide buy the best video card you can afford. Usually price follows performance pretty close.
    4. Check the prices yourself - tell us what they are. Buying retail or OEM? Retail might have 32bit and 64bit in the same box.
    5. Let prices be your guide - buy the best CPU you can afford. E8500, Q6600, Q9300, Q9450 are all good choices.
    6. Dell SP2208WFP has version without webcam.
  7. i will be buying an OEM version although the vendor suggests i go for pirated version so i get all versions for free. However i didnt like the idea and is going to opt for genuine 32 bit vista

    about the monitor i might go in for 24"" dell non ultrasharp model. Hope its good. But heard it has back light bleeding and the brightness varies across the screen

    Again quad core vs dual core making confusion(E servies vs q series)
    i No there arent much apps out there which might benefit from the 4 cores but wont the scenerio change after another 6 months or so?

    as i said i wont be gaming much. Might play games like fifa only...
    Actually i dont have time for any gaming

    SP2208WFP has hdmi whatever . neither am i going to own a gaming consle nor connect my dvd player to the monitor. so should i choose this or brands like viewsonic?
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