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brand of psu and what will work

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July 13, 2008 11:12:21 PM

I am wondering what brand to get of psu. I look at the power supplies and see 2,3,4 rails that have 16 and 17a rails. The power supply I have is 2 rails at 19a a rail its 550 w. I post a question earlier in the week on crossfire with powersupply. I was told to get a psu 650 to 700w with good rails. my 550 has 19a rails and what i have seen seems good compared to some of the 650 and 700 psu . The psu i have seen my have 14a to 16a some have 2 to 3 rails now price i am looking to spend is 100ish . Some of the sites i have been to say mine is ok but some dont and i like to get peoples reviews or input . So all input is appreciated. I have a 4850 and looking to get another plus looking at upgrading to quad 9850

system as of now:

Cpu amd am2 5000be oc to 3.0ghz

msi 790x mb

liteon dvd-rom and dvd-r/w

160 gig hd

ati 4850

3 case fans 120mm and 1 80mm

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