Safe 33? New HDD's, Theoretical Raid Issues!!

Hey everyone, endless thanks for reading. :)
Here's the issue.
I am meaning to get 3TB of storage.
In the form of 2 1.5TB HD's.

Since this is meant for storage, lightning fast speeds won't be necessary.
However, I expect to watch very high res/HD videos from these HD's (upwards of 40Gigs a piece)
I will likely be getting eSATA.

For my dual bay enclosure I will be getting this Icy Dock MB662US-2S OR Sans Digital MobileStor.

Both of them support my capacity and have eSATA, so great!
The Icy Dock has a raid controller built in, the Sans doesn't :(.
I'd really appreciate input on which enclosure to get, but that's not my main issue.

Most likely ill go with icy dock. I have a Dell XPS 435mt, and i'm not sure if raid will work properly :??:

Either i'll do BIG/jbod (merge the two disks into 1 logical drive).
Or SAFE 33 (33% raid 1, 67% jbod)
I'm just a little worried about the safety of the first choice though.
If 1 drive fails then both disks would be inaccessible right?
Also just how good is safe 33?

Ok next thing is choosing a HD..
First Choice (Western Digital 1.5 TB Caviar Green) or Second Choice (SAMSUNG Spinpoint F2EG HD154UI)

Both are considered great from what I hear.. Theyre both 1.5tb and run at around 5400RPM, theyre both quiet and well-priced. The samsung is about 24 bucks cheaper for me right now. Also I've heard that the samsung is a little quieter and has better write speeds.
The WD Caviar Green is nice, and its WD.. However even on the icydock page it says that for WD's i need raid edition not desktop.. Raid's are much more expensive.
So i could do WDTLER and change the read/write time to 7 seconds, and probably get away with the WD.
Or I can get the Samsung, but how will that fair in Raid (Safe 33)?

That pretty much sums it up.
Right now i'm thinking icy dock + samsung/wd... i just need to know if it will work properly!
I'm willing to spend around 350 for the setup, and ideas/options are very welcome..

Thanks in advance,
I really appreciate the help!! :D
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  1. The enclosure will work with any hard disk. The recommended ones are ones that have been tested under stress and have been found not to fail.
    My recommendation is to go with what is recommended to avoid problems with the enclosure.
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  3. Your Dell has a eSATA port. That is ideal for the NAS.
  4. Thanks, i've considered a NAS but I don't think it's for me.
    I can't think of how I would benefit from a NAS as i wouldnt want my media anywhere other than on my desktop.
    I know my dell has an esata port.
    It is being used by another external drive (1tb) now.
    My plan was to get a PCI card sata > esata so i have 2 ports... or if necessary a raid controller.

    Just wondering, would a 5400rpm with esata be much faster/better than a 7200 with usb?
    If I were to pay extra for the 7200 i wouldnt be able to buy such an expensive enclosure with esata.
    So which is the bigger bottleneck, USB or spindle speed?
  5. A little help can go a long way...
  6. usb tops out at under 40MB/sec
    these drives are all over 80MB/sec average.
    dont do raid or jbod just use 2 drives seperately
    otherwise 1 failing you will lose everything.

    also right now I'd go with 2 1 terabyte drives, or even a single 2TB drive.

    I could make this post 2 pages long and explain why But I'm passing on that unless you want me to.

    If you raid a low power drive and it autopowers off ... etc.
  7. Thanks for the response!
    Id really appreciate more info.
    I've definitely done my homework and considered every option.
    Whats wrong with 1.5's?
    Ive found that they have the best price per gig ratio atm- Out of the high capacity drives.
    The reason i havent gone with a single 2tb or two 2tb's is because they have a high failure rate because they're new, and not as well tested.
    The 2 1tb's is always a possibility but i need as much storage as i can jam into that icedock and since it can support up to 4tb (2TB x 2) i would get another enclosure rather than get just half of the maximum cap.
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