DDR3 vs. DDR2 for Overclocking

I am debating whether to get higher latency DDR3 ram (say Cas9 DDR3 1333) or low latency DDR2 ram (say cas5/7 DDR2 1066). The cost is about the same. I like the idea of DDR3 ram but am worried that the high latency is an obstacle to OC. I intend to overclock a E5200. Which one would be better?
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  1. What motherboard do you have? It probably only can use ddr2. Either way, for overclocking an e5200, you only need ddr2-800
  2. DDR3 is better, by perhaps a few percent. It really isn't worth it though - just get some good DDR2. It's cheaper, and basically the same performance.
  3. The motherboard I am going with will depend on the answer to this question (ddr3 or ddr2). I prefer DDR3 for future upgrades so as long as DDR3 high latency is NOT going to be an issue for overclocking (vs. lower latency DDR2), I will go w/ DDR3. Can someone please confirm that high latency will not be an issue. Thanks
  4. DDR3 will not give you performance gains with an e5200. And most likely, cheap, dual channel ddr3 will not work with an upgrade to an i7 system due to voltage. So, just get DDR2-800, and a decent motherboard to overclock.
  5. i dont know what you guys are talking about but DDR3 ram is much, much better than DDR2!
    it faster uses less energy which helps for overclocking and even workes better with the CPU and motherboard, but in his case there is no real point to getting DDR3 and yes you guys are right its not as freindly to overclock and can be a pain but its still by far worth getting over DDR2.
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