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i am having issues with my asus g50v laptop. it is having an issue booting up. the linux part of the system works to skype and surf the web. also safemode works. i usually have to boot up in safe mode then reset restart the computer and place it sideways for it to boot up properly. do i have a display or hard drive issue?
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  1. Could you maybe describe the specific issue you're having in a bit more detail? Are you saying you need to turn the unit on its side to get it to boot properly, or that the image on the display is turned on its side?
  2. Hi Scott,

    i have to turn the unit on it's side to get the laptop to boot. the back of the lcd screen has to be touching the table and the keyboard would be in the LCD screen position.

    when i boot it up the screen is black but you can see the mouse cursor but will not load past that.

    linux and safe mode works. safe mode with networking also works. sometimes the unit will boot up on it's side and sometimes it wont its a hit or miss but that is the only way i have been able to turn the unit on.

    thanks for the reply.
  3. Is Linux installed on the HDD or are you booting that from a DVD or something else?
  4. it is one of the hot keys above the keyboard
  5. Okay, and safe mode always works every time without you having to do anything special?
  6. safe mode works every single time, nothing special needed.
  7. Then I would say the first thing to do would be to try reinstalling the OS. The turning it on its side and it works is probably just coincidental. If safe mode works every time, no special rituals needed, then it sounds like the most plausible scenario is a corrupt OS.
  8. thanks scott i will reinstall the OS. happy holidays
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