WOW! wooden Casecon (FiveWood Project)

This wooden Casecon by cc3d might be the most impressive piece of handiwork, we have seen over the last months. The name “FiveWood” originates from the five different types of wood that were used.

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  1. IonRa said:

    I bet it must overheat like a biatch...

    The wood on the video cards made me laugh

    Looks good, but i bet its no overclocker....
  2. Why, would this be hot?

    And yes, it can overclock like anything else out there.

    read this :non:
  3. complete overkill, for $50, maybe take you like 5 minutes of shopping you can simply pick up a case.

    lol j/k I just had to say it though, somebody else once submitted pictures of a wooden case with stained glass windows though, I thought it was very amazing...

    This is also amazing, but Jesus Christ it just seems a little over the top, I can't focus on any one part b/c there is quite a bit going on, overall though amazing job is all i can say.

    On a very important side note, I see your motehrbaord is flashing FF, which can only mean that you have Friendly-fire on, TURN IT OFF, b4 you injure your friends. remember FF doesn't kill alllies, ppl who forget to turn off FF do! :lol:
  4. Very impressive work and attention to detail. Yeah, you could've spent $50 on a rattly case, but you took the time to create something you wanted in the vision you saw it in. Excellent concept and finished product...I also like the GPU covers.

    Just think, if you upgrade your graphics cards, you have to re-carve new covers each time! :)
  5. Nice work! I imagine grounding the varous compontents and providing EMI shielding while keeping the wood look alive was tough.
  6. o0o sooo classy

    i wudnt mind at all..imagine a watercooling leak...OMFGZORS
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