Did I screw up?

Hey gang,

Went to Micro Center (KC store 180 mi from where I live) and bought some of the components that were a deal there. One of the items I bought was an Asus MoBo. I didn't really plan on it at the time but the sales guy there talked me into it. Now I am having 2nd thoughts and need you all's advice. I got the Asus P5K-C. Was this a mistake? I wanted the Rampage but they didn't have any at the time. The CPU I got was the E8400. The Ram was 2X2GB Corsair TWIN2X4096-6400C5 ( I hope I didn't mess up there too...timing is 5-5-5-18). Please let me know I didn't screw up?
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  1. Hey Raxus, the P5KC will serve your needs however you would have been wiser to wait for the rampage, those damned crafty salesmen!

    Good news is all parts are compatible, however you may want to read up about RAID on this mobo, and also some users have experienced RAM troubles. I hope you don't!
  2. Sigh..was afraid of that. Is the Corsair I got pretty good or crap? Not gonna Raid this, just using a single WD640AAKS..so HOPEFULLY that won't be a PITA for me..
  3. The RAM you got is good stuff, I've always been a big fan of the TwinX RAM by Corsair. You've also got a terrific HDD, and your not going to use a RAID setup.

    So really mate, as long as you don't have some of the RAM issues which are reasonably rare, this motherboard will do you fine.
  4. P5KC is one of the very few ASUS board I would not buy, unfortunately. It is way too inconsistent when it comes to stability and also extremely picky about ram.

    On the bright side, the ram you picked is great.

    P.s - should've asked the salesman for Abit IP35 Pro. :love:
  5. RAM is fine, the 6400C4 would be better
  6. Can't you just return this for some store credit Raxus?
  7. BTW this is what I got at Micro Center

    CPU: E8400 $189
    Mobo: Asus P5KC $159
    Case: Antec 900 $95
    Ram: Corsair TWIN2X4096-6400C5 $110 (not counting $40 MIR)
    DVD: Samsung Sata 20X $30
    PSU: PCPower 610W $129 (Yeah I know I over paid)
    GFX: EVGA 9800GTX $299 (not counting $20 MIR)

    No way was I gonna pay $129 for a 32 bit Vista Home Prem. Also they didn't have my HDD (WD640AAKS). So gonna get the 64 bit Home Prem Vista and HDD from Egg. Along with the XIGMATEK HDT-S1283 cpu cooler. Do I need that backplate for this cooler?

    Xigmatek Retention Bracket
  8. Well I could...BUT it's a 3.5 hour drive for me each way. Kinda PITA...
  9. All your components are solid except that MOBO, but that's a long arse drive lol.

    Perhaps you could order a new board off newegg and return this sometime soon?
  10. Yeah I think I am gonna do that Poison (kicks self in ass). I just had a BAD feeling when I got that damn MoBo.
  11. It's ok mate it happens to the best of us haha.
    What is your MOBO budget on newegg?
  12. If I buy on Egg it will be that Rampage..which I wanted all along.
  13. Yeah, I think I'm going for the rampage in my new high spec rig i'm putting together later this year.
  14. UPS? -- Ship the damn mobo back, as well as the power supply man -- lol they can always UPS or fed ex new stuff to ya ;P
  15. Dunno if they do this. Will have to check in the morning when they open and see.
  16. Well goodluck Raxus!
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