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Tranferring OS to a new SSD drive - Vista 64bit

December 24, 2012 3:32:46 PM

I've got an HP sr5550f PC that I use at home for basic PC tasks and digital recording. Sorry for the long details: My original drive failed to boot either through a virus or other issue. It is accessible when I put it in a portable drive and I have backed it up (when I scanned it, a virus was detected but could not be removed). I considered upgrading to WIN7 but the cost plus the fact that the hardware is a few years old makes it more affordable to buy a new pc with WIN7 on it. In the short term I'd like to replace the C: drive with an SSD a new sata D: drive - I purchased a 90GB SSD. This Vista install was HP OEM so I don't have the media. I'm currently doing a system restore on my old drive - if that is successful what is the best way to transfer the OS to the SSD? So I should have a fresh install afterwards.

Will appreciate any assistance,