Is there a Tom's HW Best Soundcard 4 $ guide???

I saw a best Vid card for the money guide on Tom's, just wondering is there one of these somewhere for Soundcards... I'm looking at spending b/w $50 and $100 if you have any creative suggestions
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  1. Sound cards are really user preference, I think.
    While one person thinks on-board sound is all you need and sounds great, the next will think that only a $399 card will do and on-board sound is horrid. I guess the thing to ask, is what are you expecting and what are you going to be playing through your speakers? And on that note, the speakers are a big part of it all. A $399 card with a $59 set of speakers is a complete waste.
  2. /agree
  3. i think this is the best for non gaming and for 100
    bluegears b-Enspirer 7.1 Channels 24-bit 192KHz PCI Interface Sound Card

    for gaming i would go for an xfi card the only problem is the software is junk but the hardware is some of the best if you dont mind the headaches
  4. This months CPU magazine reviewed a few and the Asus was the best.

    I know this one is more than your looking to spend but the do have less expensive models
  5. For a budget of 50$ you'll get a better performance from your onboard sound chipset
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