Wonder if this will power my evga gtx 280

I intend to do lots of folding@home with my new gtx 280 it will be running 24/7


Problem is im not sure it meets the 40a 12v spec because i can't find and specs but one would guess it would.
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  1. It would be cutting it close. I would just put that $70 it costs towards a better power supply.
  2. You have to remember it will be just powering my video card so the full 400 watts in avail, the recommend a 550 watt ps for your whole system.

    Problem is nobody but futureshop in my city carries ps and a rocketfish 700 does not look like it can cut it, it has 4 rails at 18A.

    It does not exceed 245 watts at max load for the video card alone .
  3. The GTX280 needs a 6 pin and 8 pin psu cable. It looks to me like the fsp unit only provides two 6 pin connectors.

    I would second the upgrade to an adequate PSU. The PC P&C silencer610 at $89 has 49 good amps.
  4. This is the new version they carry has 2 8 pin connectors 4 6 pin connectors.
  5. Get a real PSU. PCP&C 610W.
  6. 8pin power supply, in the words of nelson muntz ha ha
  7. Take a look at this m8..850 enough who knows http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfWd--ZHcAk
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