Man... they are fighting over the dominance every second this week. I feel bad for AMD/ATI, NVIDIA wants to make ATI go out of bussiness!~ I just hope both of them go out of bussiness in this war and INTEL TAKE OVER all market! hehe.
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  1. I don't want to see either of them go... If they do there will be no chance to get great graphics cards at good prices.

    Also, I tend to agree with Nvidia that larabee should be called "laughabe". I'm thinking both AMD/ATI and Nvidia are going to get their more powerful GPUs to support ray-tracing and do it better than Intel.
  2. then you may buy an inability vedio card of intel with just1000$

  3. WE are doomed because like All in One printers we will have ALL IN ONE INTEL
  4. goonting said:
    WE are doomed because like All in One printers we will have ALL IN ONE INTEL

    Sadly, that is so true an All in One INTEL system is frighting.

    Nvidia & ATI have nothing to worry about.

    Just look at the performance the HD4850 & all of the 9-Series GPU's are having. If Intel wants to steal our attention (and hard earned money) to their GPU they'd have to sell it for $150 with the performance of a 9800 GTX or HD3870.
  5. And even then, I would buy AMD. Call me fanboy if that's your position; but it's a lot bigger than that. In the past, I have seen the flyers from the major retailers with several pc's lined up, and then 1 little AMD-rig able to blow the doors off all of them, at a better price/perf ratio. The idiot public was duped. And the verdict is coming - already done in some parts of the world. If only we could get Dx10 without wishta - or is it even worth the risk?
  6. I love the Nvidia / ATI wars - and it's good to see it heating up again.
  7. I can't imagine Larabee in this market.
  8. At present we are gifted with tons of choices...but we need cash...

    In my country the average SALES person can even sell and old 6600GT more expensive compared to an ATI HD3650(cheaper)... because most of them are having more marketing materials from Nvidia...
  9. I'm surprised Nvidia hasn't lowered the GTX260 to at least 325 yet. Maybe it's because the 4870s aren't really coming en masse yet.
  10. Yea, this the exact repeat of what happened last winter; but just different roles. Last winter nV launched the 8800GT and then a couple weeks later ATi launched the HD 3870. The 8800gt's were all out of stock right away considering they were priced at ~$230 bucks. This gave the HD 3870 chance to sell until the 8800gt started coming back in stock. Right the situation is inverse, the 4870's outta stock and people have no option but either to wait or buy some other card.
    The conclusion, is competition brings competive pricing, which is good for the costumer. If we didnt have nV right now, they would still be ripping us off w/ a 9800gtx at 300 bucks.
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