ESATA pen drive as boot disk, a cheap system upgrade?

Is there any data out there on testing a bootable eSATA pen drive (OCZ / Kanguru / …) to see if this is a “cheap” trick to boost your system performance, by setting this drive up as your standard boot disk.

So something like:

eSATA pen drive (32 or 64GB cost ~$100)
Win XP / Win 7

Versus normal disk drive
Versus flash drive

I have searched and not yet found such a comparison.

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  1. I haven't seen one yet, but why? Why not just use an internal drive, which will have much better read/write/sequential speeds than a flash drive could do (I'm not talking SSD's).

    The typical flash drive can read/write usually around 30MB/s max. Most internal hard drives can reach 100MB/s. Sure they have a bit higher access time, but it's measured in ms, so you shouldn't be able to notice a difference.
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