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Hey Guys

What is the best brand for ATI 4850





Is HIS a good brand ..
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  1. I'd personally go for the MSI. I've got a sapphire 3850 that runs quite well, and I bought it after the Power Color 3850 arrived with bad memory. I don't have any experience with HIS, but their cards tend to run slightly higher in price from what I've seen.
  2. I hate sapphire. My first 3870 sapphire had artifacts after 30 days. Sapphire support ignored me. After 5 weeks i talked newegg into RMAing it. Thank god for Newegg.

    Visiontek seems good. I have 2. no problems.

    A buddy has a diamond that works fine since november 07.

    I have no experience with the other brands.
  3. I'm just chiming in here, but strangely enough, I rarely ever see bad reviews of any ATi products from any company. With Nvidia, you see a lot more...at least that's what I have noticed.

    I have been using MSI products for a little while now, I really like them. Good support. I'm really leaning towards buying a 4850 today as well, and right now, though I'm leaning towards the Powercolor or Diamond card.
  4. i've had visiontek ati cards before in the past.....

    my first graphics card ever was a 9100 - works fine till this day

    2nd was my x1300 pro, which died on my old AGP system after 3 months of use, so i replaced it with a 2600 PRO, works well till this day, but my warranty expired on the x1300 so i couldn't get it replaced -sad- 2:1 with visiontek

    i have a sapphire 3870x2 right now, works fine, OC-ed a bit and it runs like a charm. i haven't had bad experiences with sapphire because mine works fine, but i've heard and read about that sapphire's support suxz0rs.

    so i guess in the future, i probably won't get another sapphire card just because of the customer support reputation. what i look for in a card is customer support and warranty and such.

    i think every card should run fine given any manufacturer. they are out to do business and their products can't fail or else they would run out of business...

    i value nice friendly customer service the most...so i suggest look into that and compare how each company fares with one another.
  5. i would probably go msi as well. i never had one of their ati cards, but i did have one of their nvidia cards. plus that msi 4850 comes with the witcher bundle from newegg.

    the only ati card i had was the 9600pro aiw made by ati themselves.
  6. Thanks guys

    ordered the visiontek ...no tax ..from tiger ,newegg was charging 16$ in tax alone.

  7. Ouch, that sucks. I guess you live in a state where a Newegg distributor is, huh.
  8. Yeah so went with tiger (growls hehehe )
  9. I prefer MSI products over anybody else, but unfortunatly my current rig does not consist of an MSI product. And my 2 4850's on the way are Sapphire's, FX did not have the MSI ones up yet. Im currently trying to contact Sapphire about their Vapor-X cooler on these cards, but I could be waiting a while as ive heard Sapphire customer service is non-existant. I might actually not open these cards and sell them for MSI ones.

    As far as HIS goes, I would avoid them like the plague. Ive had a HIS 2900XT and a 2600XT crap on me. The 2900XT was by far the worse case of bad card that ive personally seen, it was so bad there was video corruption in the damn BIOS and boot up.
  10. I don't live in a state with a Newegg distributo (New York) But our wonderful governor just decided every single online purchase had to be taxed. OH BOY!
  11. Personally I'm not buying Sapphire again, their cooling solution for the X1950 Pro I bought simply sucks and my older Sapphire 9600 Pro started artifacting on me just a few months after I bought it. Their support was useless.

    So my 4870 will either be an MSI or Visiontek, probably MSI.
  12. i would go with msi or his.
  13. MSI or HIS.
    Sapphire if I'd want to save some cash.
  14. i got powercolor HD 3870 PCS since January 2008 and still doing fine with me here in tropical climate
  15. I'm suprised at all the MSI supporters! I been running sapphire for 10 years.

    Im also looking at buying a 4850 and my Mobo is an MSI....perhaps a change is coming!

    good thread!
  16. What about the ASUS 4850 anyone have any experience with this card ? Im interested in upgrading from my Sapphire 3850. its 139.99 after MIR
  17. Celtic said:
    I'm suprised at all the MSI supporters! I been running sapphire for 10 years.

    Im also looking at buying a 4850 and my Mobo is an MSI....perhaps a change is coming!

    good thread!

    Ive been using Sapphires for a decent amount of time. 2 x 9600 , 1 X800 , X1650 and now 1 4850. So far all working as we speak. The 2 9600 are in my llitle bro and mother PCs.

    As for MSI, i had 2 mobos from them and i only can say they are pretty good, although 1 broke, after 4 years of 365/24/7 continuous and Overclocked. Bad Caps, like all in those days.

    I can recommend both brands i guess. I still don't know what MSI or Sapphire Customer Support is like. Never phoned.
  18. I have had 2 Gigabyte Vid cards and I like the m very much....

    About 3mos ago I stuck my hand into a running computer to touch my memory to see how hot it was and my wedding ring touched the back of the vid card causing it to spark and not work...

    Gigabyte had the RMA done in less than 2 weeks.... I was even able to call someone in Cali to make sure they had it....

    I will stick with Gigabyte as much as I can, but good news to hear about MSI....
  19. Nice story "xringx" heheh
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