Earbud volume goes up and down according to what I'm listening to

I was watching this video on youtube, and at one point the video went quiet and I could hear the static in the background slowly rise. Then when the person started talking again the volume was extremely high, but dropped pretty quickly only after destroying my eardrums...

I have noticed this with other things such as songs where when the sound in the song gets a little lower than the rest of the song the volume auto adjusts. It sucks! Now when I say auto-adjust I don't mean the actual volume increases like as if i were pressing the volume up key. I think It raises the bar in the levels tab of my sound properties.

The weird thing is that this only happens when my earbuds are in. The regular speakers don't do this. Any suggestions?

The sound card is Realtek if that helps.
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  1. It would not be a realtek or driver related issue, I bet if you used the same model earbuds that it wouldn't vary in volume. It sounds like a hardware related issue, I had a similar issue when my blue tongue bit my skull candy headset cord.. try using a different headset.
  2. I have... same issue.
  3. It could be a driver related issue then... I know with a few older Hp desktops you can install a dc 7760 driver on a dc 7780 and it will work sometimes and the sound will go balistic sometimes... Try completing a windows update :0
  4. THis is a new ASUS though?
  5. Try disable srs sound enhancement or sound enhancement in general
  6. I've looked for that option and found the enhancement tab, but there is no enable/disable volume enhancement. I've even tried looking for settings specifically for the headphone jack, but it seems it is linked to the speakers. But this doesn't happen with the speaker. At least I don't think it does.
  7. Maybe there is a driver dedicated to the earplugs/headphones. What sort are they?
  8. Yuin pk3's. There isn't a driver for them that I've spotted.
  9. Can't change srs premium sound or sound enhancement settings in general in realtek HD audio manager?

    Edit: Out of idea.
  10. Look for a setting for Normalization. It sounds like something is trying to level out the sound to an average, that is normally done to source that has quiet and then loud passages, like an action movie. You have soft talking, then BAMMM BOOOMMMM something blows up and you jump out of your seat and wake up 3 houses near you and your dog's head explodes.

    Normalization tries to keep everything around a nice average. But it maybe in your case, whatever is doing that is bringing up the sound level of the low passages, then is not fast to adjust to the lound ones, and then quickly adjusts it down. Just a theory but seems like this to me.

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