What do you think of this motherboard: ASUS P5Q WS P45


It has all the features I'm looking for for a gaming/general purpose rig, but it's a workstation board. Is there really much difference? The only notable feature I see is the PCI-X slot, which I don't need but I don't mind that it's there. I really like the two eSATA back panel connectors and the right-angle SATA connectors. I can't seem to find another sub-$200 board with these features (Intel chipset..). Let me know what you think of it... as I said gaming and general use, but no overclocking.
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  1. Did you look at the -E?


    I like mine. I don't think the WS board has been out long. I don't see anything on it to justify the price hike... but then I note the -E has gone up 10 bucks.
  2. Yeah, I've been looking at that one as well and its starting to sound like the better option. I rather prefer the SATA setup on the WS board, but it's probably not worth the additional $.

    I understand the BIOS is still immature for the P45 boards. Did you have any issues? Compatibility with your RAM, for instance?
  3. I had some RAM issues, but they were due more to bad RAM.

    I bought a 2x2 kit of OCZ Reaper 1066. I could never get it stable at any speed over 800. OCZ tried to help but in the end I decided it wasn't worth the hassle to RMA.

    I never really wanted to run the PC over the 400 FSB mark. I just wanted to know I could.

    I did in fact have it up to 533, the RAM just wasn't stable at those speeds.

    3.6ghz is insanely fast anyway ;)

    One other issue... I had the same problem as the guys that did the review at some other site. I could not get Crysis to run and it said it had detected emulation software. After going around with the support guy at the place that makes Crysis' anti-theft software (Securom), they finally gave me a new Crysis.exe that solved the problem. They would not explain why it happened, and other people have not had that problem, so I don't know.
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