Antec Nine Hundred Two & horizontal Xigmatek HDT-1283 mounting?

Has anyone mounted the HDT-S1283 (or similar HS) horizontally in either Nine Hundred case with the fan on the bottom blowing upward towards the big fan up top? I think this is the only way I can install the side fan.

If anyone has done this, does it allow the side fan installation?

Does it work as well as a vertical installation with the fan blowing towards the back of the case?

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  1. I have a XIGMATEK HDT-S1284EE in my Antec 900 case with out problem.
    Mine is blowing toward the back of the case.
  2. I believe krazynutz meant the fan on the side panel. I wanted to blow it towards the BigBoy also but someone said it's best to have the HDT pipes go across the cores so I have it blowing it to the rear (which meant no side fan).
  3. Yes, what I meant was I would like to install the S1283 horizontally which would allow the installation of the side fan. Has anyone done this or know for sure if the heatpipe direction really affects cooling efficiency?
  4. My question is: why do you need a side fan in an Antec 90X case? I have a 900. My TRUE is mounted vertically (warm air wants to rise, why fight physics?). I have three drives in the lower drive bay. Middle drive bay is empty - air blows toward the video card. All case fans are set to LOW (no improvement in cooling when set any faster).

    Q9550 OC'd to 3.6 GHz., P95 load, CPU temps 58 - 61 C. Drive temps max out at about 32 C. GPU temp, don't know.

    I looked at installing a side fan on my case, but I decided that I didn't need it.

    One of these days I'm going to run tests to determine if orientation of the HSF really does make a difference, but for now, I am very satified with my cooling.
  5. I have a Core i7 system now and they run a little hotter. Plus, when overclocking, the northbridge can get toasty as well - especially on an Asus P6T. I don't need the side fan but if it'll drop temps I'll take it.
  6. I have an i7 on the rampage ll extreme in an 900 case with the side fan, the cooler is an xigmatek achilles. I have the cooler mounted in the vert pos with the fan on top drawing air in and blowing it out to the top 200mm fan. Temps @ 3.6ghz using prime 95 are 63c max idel @ 29c. I use the side fan to cool NB & SB.
    Hope this helps.
  7. Hi Arny84. What are your voltages at 3.6Ghz and what programs are you using to stress and monitor temps? Just to make sure I understand, you have the fan on top of the heatsink, drawing air up through it? Wouldn't that mean you have it in the horizontal position?
  8. Can you cut the fan corner to make it fit? Or trim possibly 1 or two HS fins? I think the side fan is a great add for case cooling on the 900.
  9. Great timing!

    Yesterday, I sawed off the one corner of my 120mm fan and filed it down to a nice, rounded, smooth finish. Worked least for fitting. The fan was an older one and I didn't know the RPM setting for it. Turned out it was a 2400 RPM fan and was obnoxiously loud. I used Q-fan on "silent" which brought it down to 1800 RPM. But as soon as I loaded Prime95 it shot right back up to 2400 RPM. Believe it or not, it had a NEGATIVE effect. My temps actually went UP. I think this is because the flow was too strong, creating a negative force on my fan blowing upward through the CPU heatsink causing less cool air to be delivered by that fan.

    I'll try again with a lower RPM fan and see if it has any positive results.

    Keep ya posted!
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