Vista 32 bit to Win 8 64 Bit

Hai guys.

I have been using a OEM key on my kids PCs. I always had Asus Mobos, so I assumed thats why it would work over and over again.

However, I just built a budget gaming rig for the oldest, with a Biostar Mobo and AMD CPU. Now the OEM key is invalid for activation.

So...I had an idea. We dont want 32 bit OS's anymore anyway. I could upgrade to W8 for 39.99, but we have Vista 32. We want W8 64.

Would installing an OEM copy of W7 64 bit work long enough to use the upgrade to W8?
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  1. I guess Ill answer this on my own soon enough. I took my OEM disc from Newegg and did a clean install of W7 64 bit on a new HDD, then did the upgrade process for W8. Its at 70% download completion.

    Hopefully this works.
  2. Yep, works. W8 installed flawlessly :)
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