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Can someone help me out here i am having a little trouble with my CPU.

Recently i upgraded my computer's mobo n graphics card. However when i installed Vista i noticed that only 1 core was functioning. on the old board the both cores always were working. The CPU is a e6700 2.67 Ghz and the mobo is an nForce 750i FTW.
also in the task manager i dont have the 2 boxes for the individual cores its just the one.
i made sure its enabled in the bios and that the bios is up to date, it not quite up to date but its pretty new.
i understand some programs only use 1 core but this definately isnt using both.

any help would be much appreciated
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  1. open up device manager, computer, do you see ACPI?
  2. What's you cpu-ID in cpu-z? Go into device manager and tell me what it says under processors and how many processors you see there. Sometimes when rolling out an OS, it doesn't recognise all the cores.
  3. If the task manager is viewing your cores as one history, it should have more then one line.

    So, if you wanted to see separate history graphs, view>cpu history
  4. thankyou all very much for your help. however i have fixed the problem. Whilst reinstalling vista (the cure). i found a possible fix is contained in the Msconfig/boot/adv options there are a few things you can do here. select the number of cores you have or you tick the check box detect hal. anyway thats if anyone else asks you the same question.
  5. Thing is, you shouldn't have to mess with the boot.ini file. But if it works, it works.
  6. dont forget we are talking about vista here....it can be real pain. I am still trying to stabalize my system.
  7. Heh... I use Vista 64bit. And I didn't have to do anything, not to mention I use a quad.
  8. yeh iam on 32bit. i heard there were a lot of issues with the 64bit. compatability problems everywhere but that was about 6 months ago. i am curious as to what the difference is.
  9. I always wait until the first service pack, then I got vista 64 bit and no probs. I'm actually amazed at how stable it is.
  10. ah well thats good to know actually. Do you know of perhaps how much faster or differences it has over the 32bit version? advantages?
  11. I really can't say much on the Vista 32bit, since I slightly used it. I brought the upgrade version, and had to order the 64bit version DVD. So I messed with the 32bit awhile, but not enough to really say if it was quicker.

    One main advantage is, RAM. And what ya know:

    Compare editions: 64-bit editions of Windows Vista

    Heh, talk about RAM, you'd need a different version of windows to use more then 16GB.

    Memory specifications

    All editions of Windows Vista 64-bit provide increased memory support beyond the standard 4 gigabytes (GB) available with 32-bit editions. Refer to the specific edition of Windows Vista 64-bit to determine maximum memory capacity.

    Windows Vista edition

    64-bit memory support

    Home Basic 8 GB

    Home Premium 16 GB

    Ultimate 128+ GB

    Business 128+ GB

    Enterprise 128+ GB

    I wonder how happy basic users will be if they ever need more the 8gb. :lol:
  12. sux you have to buy another version of vista if you want 64bit, i mean i purchased home premium 32bit upgrade which is pretty much a full disc anyway.

    it must use the full potential of the cpu too becuase i have a 64bit capable system but limted to 32bit...anyway this stuff should probably be on another thread.
  13. General performance stats range between 8-12% for the OS, what you have to consider is the app only speed increase. If you have an application that has a 20% increase over it's 32 bit version, and an 8% increase in OS functionality that's 28%. If your 32 bit app struggles in a 64 bit enviroment it may even be slower. I run 64 bit cad apps so for me it's great. The new photoshop and lightroom etc will be 64 bit, it's the way higher end packages are going.
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