PAGE_FAULT BSOD ...this one is a little different

...ok I get a BSOD PAGE_FAULT ....error stop (0x50 code) when i put in 2 x 1G of pc26400C4DHX corsair in this scenario, i could boot into safe mode w/networking. i take a stick out, (1 x 1G ) i could boot into normal mode...i am new to forums, infact this is my 1st one...i tried a lot of things and i will list everything i tried...

i have a EVGA 750I FTW MOBO
Q6600 w/ 2 x 1G corsair PC6400DHX mem 2.1v (dual channel)
Nvidia Palit 9600GT (1)
Real Power Pro 750 SLi PSU
THermalright ultra 120 extreme w/ s-flex 1600rpm
thermaltake M9 tower
AIrlink101 Super G wireless adapter
WD 160G SATA HDD and FIreball 20G--dual bootable

i have no XP Pro SP2 repair CD... i followed advice online on how to take
XP PRO on the FIreball lct20G off an old computer and stick in new hardware erasing all the drivers and creating a hardware profile that is blank...i know i know, changing MOBO's need a reinstall Admiral AKbar says, "We have no choice"... when i changed it over to the new computer, it didn't boot up except in safe mode w/ networking (with both sticks of RAM) upon giving up after calling EVGA 20 times
(If anyone of you work for EVGA, you know who i am) i decided to check the RAM sticks by...trying both each stick worked, booting into normal mode, 1 each...then i put 1 into each worked.. then i ran bootable MEMTEST86 +...both sticks passed individually and them both together.

..not booting into normal mode means, it BSOD's after loading the drivers and after the Login page is up for 11 seconds (logging in and not logging-in is the same) i attempted to debug with windbg and symbols...
and i have 20 .dmp files ... could attach 1 to anyone who wants it !

1. i flashed the BIOS to change
2. i turned off BIOS change
3. i reset CMOS no change
4. loaded default settings no change
5. i optimized settings change
6. i set 800 mhz for RAM, raised volt to spec 2.1v and raised NB and CPU volts no change

B4 i RMA the MOBO( memory controller)... it could still be the RAM and/or XP drivers/stability... debugging :::the driver that cant be listed probably due to ntoskrnl.exe file::::
before i get new RAM, there is got to be a way to rule out driver conflict
because XP didnt recognize ACPI multiproc until i changed the HAL.DLL, ntoskrnl.exe, and ntlmpna.exe filesi have got to see if there are other wacky driver or registry/memory reference problems or bolder voltage/other settings

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  1. Do yourself a favor and get a XP install disk. Theres no need to RMA stuff because your to cheap to buy a OS.
  2. +1 for new xp or vista basic/premium. All you're doing is causing problems for yourself
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