$1100 gaming rig. First comp ever. PLEASE HELP ME!

This is my first computer and I the bottom line is I need help/advice. Are my components compatible with each other? Are there better choices for any of the components that are around the same price? I'm open to any suggestions or recommendations, so please let me know!

I'm looking to spend around $1100 before shipping and without the monitor. I plan to use this computer to play games, although I'm not a super serious gamer. So far, here's what I got:

Antec 900 ($110)
This component I'm set on.

MSI P7N Platinum ($150)
The mobo is the component I am most unsure of. I need one that is SLI compatible and is around $150 or less. So if you've got a better idea, let's hear it!

Intel Pentium E2220 Allendale 2.4Ghz ($90)
This CPU is just a cheap substitute for the time being. I plan on getting the Q6600 later on down the road. So I just needed something that was cheap (less than $100) and was able to handle Vista.

MSI 8800GTS (G92) 512MB 256-bit ($210)
I don't have any experience with graphic cards so I'm open to any suggestions here. I was hoping to spend less than $200 on the GPU, but I was recommended this one. I'm going to get a second of whatever graphics card I decide on later on, so it must be SLI compatible.

Corsair 620HX 620W ($155)
This is another component that I'm certain of.

OCZ Gold DDR2 800 2x2GB ($100)
All I need is a 2x2GB because I plan on getting another set for 8GB in the future.

Samsung Spinpoint F1 750GB ($110)
I was debating whether to get this one, Seagate 7200.11 or WD SE16. What do you think?

Just need SATA input.

CPU cooler:
Xigmatek S1283 ($37)
I'm fairly certain of this product, it was highly recommended to me.

Windows Vista 64 Home Premium System Builder ($110)
This is not the retail version. Is it worth it to spend another $100 for the retail? My biggest question is that is changing the mobo the only component that would require a new OS? In other words, can I change the CPU and still use this OS?

That's about it. Please, please help me out. This is my first computer ever and I really don't want to make any mistakes. Thanks for the help!
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  1. Dont bother Upgrading to the Q6600. Just get the E8400. But if you want a Quad you should look at the Q9300 or Q9450
  2. I would get a Gigabyte P35 DS3L or DS3R. IMO SLI is a waste of money, your better off getting a new high end card instead of adding another older one. If you want a cheap CPU to hold you over consider getting and OCing a E2180/60.

    I'd go for the 7200.11 over the samsung.

    What resolution do you plan to use?

    Other than that it's a solid build.
  3. I would at least get a faster CPU. Your GPU is on point, but that CPU will hurt you a bit. Why waste 100 bucks now when you can just spend 100 more and not waste any money :) ! As for Retail vista...only if you need customer support or a manual to come with the thing. Lets see where we can cut costs to get some extra cash for the CPU:

    Corsair 750w is on newegg for 119.99, I think. So that is 35 bucks towards a better CPU.

    OCZ SLI RE 4gb(2gbx2) $103.99 ($73.99 after mail-in rebate)


    Mushkin 4gb(2gbx2) 83.99(73.99 after mail-in rebate)

    Between those two you have 60 bucks extra to spend towards a cpu.
  4. So the MSI mobo is alright?

    If I overclock the **** out of the E2220, would it be able to handle most processes? What about going as low as the E2180?

    If I change the CPU later on, will I have to get a new OS with this version of Windows vista?
  5. For $11 more I would get a DVD-R for any backups. (I have the Pioneer drive that is $30.99)
    $80 gets you a Seagate 250 HD with 32 megs of cache, get two if you need em. (I am using one)
    I'm using the Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L mobo and a E8400, paired with a 8800GTS-92 should be great. That mobo has been upgraded to GA-EP35-DS3L I think is the model, and I agree SLI is a waste of $, only for 'hardcore' and with $1100 budget you aint in the same country as them and either am I. 8)
  6. You won't need to change OS if you change CPU. You might have to ring microsoft up and get a new access code from them, some stupid system whereby they don't expect people to change bits in their computers....

    I'd try and find a faster processor. If you overclock the E2200 too far it will be less likely to last and you'll end up replacing it anyway.

    I agree with finding $10 for a DVD writer.

    You could probably save $20 on the HDD by going for something smaller. 750Gb is just massive - you need to be ripping HD movies to fill that up in a hurry. You won't notice the difference with the 32MB cache hard disks (suggested by badfinger). $80-90 would get you a good 500Gb disk and you would notice the extra 250Gb. And even if you did fill a 500Gb one, you could buy another one in a years time - it'll be cheaper then too...

    I agree with robertito and second the DS3x motherboards and SLI comment. If you are on a tighter budget go for the DS3L you loose some SATA points and support for DDR3, but then that is just way too expensive anyway and who needs 7 SATA points?

    Also the 750W PSU ($109 after rebate) is massive overkill for a single graphics card. Corsair do some nice 650W power supplies, about $99 after rebate for the TX version. Saves you $10. Although you could equally argue that the 750W is only $10 more and supports 2 graphics cards, has great build quality, isn't overly noisy and also supports the next generation intel motherboards. In my opinion although the 750W is massive overkill go with that. It leaves you with potential for your next build in 3-4yrs time.

    Hope that is helpful.
  7. Wow, very helpful. You guys are awesome.
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