CM690 Case Mod - Paint + Window + Cable Management + Clean.

Hello, welcome to my first ever case mod. I'm just 16 years old, I did this in one day on a budget of £20. Enjoy!

PC Specs:

Asus P5B Motherboard
8800gts 320mb
4gb Crucial Tracer ram
300gb + 80gb HD
700watt WinPower PSU (crap but does the job).

Purchased Products:

1 Can of black mat spray paint
1 Can of compressed air
1 roll of masking tape
1 roll of double sided tape
1 A3 sheet of clear perspex
5 A4 sheets of foam
1 Akasa blue cold cathode light.

Equipment Used:



The amazing workbench where all the cutting was done. :p
Sides cut and sprayed. Case ready to be sprayed.
My stack of fans.
My desk, a total mess!
Compressed air to clean the components.

And so it begins...
Some areas I didn't waste paint on as they wont be visible in the end.
Fans installed.
Makeshift front intake 80mm fan holder mod. LOL.
Clasps back in the case.
Installing hardware.
PSU kills the mod, i was weary about spraying it... I'll buy a new black one somtime in the near future.
Very happy with the cables :D
Beautiful sight, lol.
Desk tidied and case on desk.
Perspex will be installed tomorrow when i get my double sided tape!

Thanks for looking! :D
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  1. Why do half my pics not show? I can't even edit it... :(
  2. looks cool.
  3. Nothing wrong with a SIMPLE case mod, they usually turn out the nicest actually!
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