PSU and Graphics Issue

Recently with the addition of NWN2 to my collection I've started having serious graphics issues.

I assumed it was due to bad ram on my video card. I contacted ATI and they insist it is a power issue. I figure they just don't want to replace my card, but I humored them.

I checked up on my PSU, a Cooler Masteer eXtreem power 600W. Well, at least thats what the box and big sticker says. Upon closer inspection it appears the model number indicates that it may actually be a 500W! RS-500-PCAR. Can anyone confirm this?

I tried contact Cooler Master via their website by filling out a support ticket, but Ive received no response and not even a acknowledgment of the support ticket.

Any advice for me?

My Specs:
XP Pro SP3

P4 Northwood 3.0
Intel 865GBF mobo
Saphire X1950pro 512 AGP
WD 7500AAKS HD 750GB
SB Audigy2
Optical Drive TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S203B
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    Your psu def. raises an eyebrow. The model should be 600 instead of 500. Look at CM site. 500 means 500W. Also, the whole Chinese thing is weird. The newegg photos are mostly English.

    If you have another psu lying around, try that out. Or lug the pc to a friend's with a good psu.
  2. I bought this today on new egg using a promo code*: EMCAHBFCH
    Total cost 59.99 Free shipping

    I should have it tomorrow so I can see how it performs then. In any case, this left a very sour taste for Cooler Master in my mouth.

    The box and big font on the label clearly say 600W while the model number clearly indicates 500W. Contacting Cooler Master has been unsuccessful so far. :(

    *Promo code good until 6pm EST if you want to grab one for yourself.
  3. The Antec will kick CM in the nuts.
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