Installing win xp on usb-hdd or pen drive

Hello, I have installed winxp pro with service pack2 on hard disk and made it usb-hdd (external drive). with that i want to boot anyother computer where its hard disk is crashed. The usb-hdd is not responding. All necessary changes made in bios. The windows xp logo is appearing and system is shutting down. how can i boot the crashed system through pen drive or usb-hdd with win xp os
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  1. what are trying to do once it booted of the USB drive?
  2. the main purpose is to retrieve the data from a crashed hard disk where the system restore point is not available and other factors are ineffective with the help of this bootable usb-hdd with OS.
    Secondly, to install and update the virus definitions to remove the viruses from other systems. What you expect more than this.
  3. @OP
    In order to boot from the USB HDD, you need to re-install windows after some modifications.
    Here's a link that explains how to do it.
  4. thank you very much for ur reply. i will try and let u know please.
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