Blu-ray problems

For starters, i'm not sure if this is the right area to be posting this... it seemed the best @ the time...

I recently bought an internal Blu-Ray drive for my Vista x64 PC.

It installed fine, and it came w/ Cyberlink's PowerDVD 8 BD edition

When I insert a BD disk, it runs w/o sound for about 2 minutes, then the picture freezes. The display timer continues on the screen, but i can't click on anything (2 minutes isn't long enough for the menu to fully pop up)

does anyone have any ideas?

oh, btw. Normal DVD's work just fine.

My computer is:
AMD: Athlon 64 X2 5200+ 2991 MHz
Mobo: Gigabyte M57SLI-S4 v.2
RAM: 4GB Mushkin DDR2 PC2-6400
OS: Vista 64bit SP2
VC: EVGA 8800 GTS 320MB
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  1. Video card and monitor have to be HDCP compatible also.

    Test that your PC is ready to play Blu-ray Discs
  2. i've run that test before i bought the optical drive
    (the test was also on the PowerDVD software as well)
    it says everything is OK for BD
  3. Test the memory with memtest86+.
    Tell us about your power supply.
  4. memory is fine
    PSU is a BFG 800 Watt ES Series
  5. Give anydvd a try, they have a free 21 day trial

    Also does your Lite-on have the latest firmware installed.
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